Andrew playing the guitar

Andrew Kao

Dietitian by Design

Modern, clean, and simple.

Restaurant Website Redesign

Giving flavor a new look

Building with React

SPA Javascript Goodness.

Moy Yat Kung Fu

Modernizing a site. Make it mobile and make it awesome.

Github User Search

React Web App

Designing a Site

Wireframes, Prototypes and Colors. Oh, my.

Interfaces and Designs

UI designs, redesigns and concepts.

Developing with WordPress

Part 3: From Static to WordPress

Developing with WordPress

Part 2: Designing Custom Themes

Developing with WordPress

Part 1: Getting Started w. WordPress

Simon Game

Javascript gone retro!

Yelp Camp

Full Stack Javascript Application

Twitch API

What’s streaming on Twitch? Let’s build an app to find out!

Tic Tac Toe

Three-In-A-Row in Javascript!

Get Your Local Weather

API Based Weather Application

Wikipedia Search

Featuring Wikipedia’s API

Bronx FreeCodeCamp

Bringing code and programming to the underserved community of the Bronx!

Pomodoro Clock

Productivity. Efficiency. Tomato Timer?